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Letters to the One (1/?)

Letters to the one

It began in the winter. It churned the sea into a frustrated gray-green with its winds as the sky rolled with its slow, dark chaos. The rain was bleeding the colors of Camelot that trickled into the storm drain and churning an ugly shade of brown.


The First Day

Merlin had just managed to push his apartment door open. He cursed as one of the brown paper bags, which was little more than pulp, tore and scattered half the weeks groceries across the floor, no doubt bruising a couple of apples as the bounced into the cramped kitchen. He set down the other groceries bag and the satchel that held a week worth of notes and assignments. Merlin prayed they had survived the mile-long walk through down pour, though judging by the state of the bags, he wasn’t so sure.

He kicked the door closed and peeled off his soaked-through clothes, retrieving a towel from the bathroom to rub through his hair and wrap around his waist while he searched for fresh clothes. When he was opening the door to his bedroom the rumbling sound of thunder filled the apartment. An echoing thump-thump sounded as a blur of white and black fur buried itself in the nook between Merlin’s ankles. Merlin sighed and crouched to pick up the terrified rabbit burying his nose in the thick fur and cooing softly.

“’S’okay , Finn. I got you now. Shh,” he tucked the rabbits head into the crook of his arm and stroked its back.

Merlin didn’t realize how long he had been there, cuddling the rabbit in the door frame of his bedroom when a hammering on the front door shook him from his hypnotic state. He stared down the hall for a moment, unsure of what he had heard until a second round of irritated drumming filled the apartment as someone abused the door from the outside.

He walked to the door and looked through the peep-hole but was only able to make out a black trench coat and a mop of wet hair. He set Finn down and the rabbit hopped over to the discarded groceries and began nibbling on the edges of the paper bags. Merlin barley had the chance to open the door a few inches before he was nearly knocked to the floor by the stranger shoving the door open and barging into his kitchen.

“Took you long enough!” the stranger huffed, irritated.

Merlin could only gawk as the man invited himself into his house. His anger overpowered his fear of the intruder.

“Excuse me?” he strained, voice wavering with disbelief.

The stranger didn’t seem to notice is exclamation and went about poking through his kitchen, “I need to use your phone.”


The stranger whipped around, wet blond hair slapping against his forehead.

“Are you a complete idiot,” the stranger snapped, “or has the rain clogged your ears? I need to use your phone. Now, where is it?”

Merlin ground his teeth and reached into his pocket, pulling out an old Nokia and holding it level with his face. Man, this guy is an ass!
“You mean this?” he waved the ancient cell phone in emphasis.

The blonds gaze slid from the box of plastic to Merlin’s eyes and his eyebrows shot up.

“You don’t have a landline?”

“Nope,” Merlin answered bluntly and added, “not all of us are pompous assholes that can afford both.”

The stranger stepped back and looked as if Merlin had slapped him.

“You cannot speak to me like that!” he gasped.

“Oh, no?” Merlin growled; sarcasm dripping from his voice, “I’m so sorry! Let me try again? My name is Merlin, whose house you invaded and nearly flattened in the process!” He ended in a flourishing bow, “your Highness…”

The stranger gaped like a fish, his golden skin turning red at his cheeks. Merlin sighed, defeated.

“If I let you use my phone, will you go away?”

The stranger lips slipped deep frown and he nodded. Merlin lobbed the phone across the kitchen and the stranger snatched it out of the air with practiced hands. Merlin couldn’t help but feel impressed. Now getting a chance to look the intruder over, he felt that burning sensation of attraction well in his chest. He had always fallen for muscular men. It was something about how he felt with strong arms wrapped around him that he could find no where else. Through his drenched clothes that this man at least as fit as Valiant, but he moved with a grace that could rival Lance’s as he paced the kitchen, flipping through a black book that he had produced from one of his coat’s inside pockets. The thought of the two men from his past made Merlin’s fists clench a little. Both had broken his heart, the first with every intention and the latter with none whatsoever.

Merlin came to a realization suddenly snatching himself from is inward thought, “Hey, why are you here?”

The blond glanced up from his book and gave Merlin a long stare; he spoke slowly like he was trying to explain a math problem to a child.

“Because I live here,” he answered.

Merlin shot him a confused look and the stranger rolled his eyes.

“Not here here. I’m Arthur Pendragon. Your neighbor,” he spoke as if it was common knowledge to be well informed of were Arthur Pendragon resided. “Honestly, were you dropped on your head as a child?” He smirked.

What the fuck?! Merlin cursed inwardly, he had had enough of this stranger’s—of Arthur Pendragon’s spoiled attitude.

“Is this how you treat people who help you, insult them?” he snapped.

Arthur smirked, amused. “Is this how you treat you guests,” he retorted, “parade around in nothing but a towel? It’s a wonder you don’t have more guests.”

Merlin felt the blush bloom from his bare chest and cheeks. He even felt his arms go hot with embarrassment. He had been so wrapped up in the events of the past few minutes that he didn’t realizes that his modesty was only protected by a thin rectangle of soft cotton. Merlin backed into the hallway and walked-half-flew to his bedroom and slammed the door, he had felt Arthur’s stare burn into his back the whole way.

A moment later, now clad in a soft cotton shirt and sweatpants, Merlin emerged from his bedroom to find the blond ass sitting on his counter pointedly staring at Finn—who had managed to nibble a whole through one of the wet paper bags and was now about halfway through an ear of lettuce.

“Oh, Finn!” Merlin gasped, “You know that’s not good for you!”

Merlin could practically feel the disturbance in the air made from a pair of golden eyebrows shooting up. He picked up Finn, holding him close to his chest and letting the furry creature burrow into the folds of his shirt.

“What is that?” Arthur asked flatly.

Merlin frowned, “His name is Finn.”

Arthur just stared; Merlin shifted from foot-to-foot, nervous under the attention. Arthur blinked and snapped out of his trans. He stood and set Merlin’s phone on the counter.

“Right, I’ll just be going then.”

”Good, I thought I was going to have to force you out,” Merlin snarled. The inconsiderate, selfish—urg!

Arthur smirked, unconvinced, “oh, really?”

“I’m stronger than I look!” Merlin snapped irritated by the answering laughter. He couldn’t help but feel the pang in his chest. Arthur was handsome enough, but when he laughed his eyes lit up and his lips pulled across his teeth in the most aesthetic way. Merlin could have sworn he glowed, shimmering in a golden hue.

Merlin closed the door behind Arthur, putting his back against the wall and sliding down until Finn was snug between his thighs and his belly.

“Oh, Finn,” he murmured, stroking the silky fur, “how did I get this messed around?”

All the rabbit could do was chew the frayed edges of his human’s shirt and sniff—which, of course, could only mean here we go again

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"Your like a stupid genius--you're smart, but you don't want anyone to know so you act really dumb..."

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The Sun, the Sea, the Sky (1/?)

Title: The Sun, the Sea, the Sky (1/?)
Rating: G (thus far)
Pairing: Arthur/Merlin (eventually)
Sumary: Arthur Pendragon was perfectly content with his Life until one lanky, dark-haired boy knocked his whole World Perspective out of orbit and made him question the very belief that Society has built around him.
Warnings: Not really... m/m at some point will occur... And I'm Californian, so please excuse me overall--weirdness?
A/N: This was fun to write, I had the whole "a picture is worth a thousand words" thing going, but I guess this ones worth 1,134 words. :) I've started on chapter two but am waiting for feed back if I should continue with this series and see where it takes me?
Chapter Prompt (this is what built the atmosphere):


Chapter 1: " Rays of Light, Burning Bright, Vanquish Night and Bring Me Sight"

The sun beat heavily down onto the asphalt, giving the distant stretch of road the illusion of water—a bitter trick for anyone traveling through Death Valley on a late August day. As the heat warped the air a fat mass of rough green motion disrupted the otherwise static dust on the side of the road, coming to rest in the short noon shadow of a road sign. The creature was an odd specimen. In length and color, it had the seeming of an iguana (bright green body that became blue at the head and bard in thick brown rings on the tail), though it lacked in dewlap. Its limbs were less boneless, thick and muscled like a monitor lizards. Its scales were rough and spiked like those of a bearded dragon. It panted in the shade a while, then cast one golden eye up to the face of the sign.





A witty vandal had scrawled bellow:




 The corner of its mouth stretched into what some would swear to be a smirk before it scuttled off southwest along the worn out highway. But lizards dont smirknor do they read.


Arthur pulled at his collar and shifted in the uncomfortable heat. It was unusually hot, even for a late summer day. And humid. Especially humid. The small room felt like a broiler. Small beads of precipitation formed and rolled down his tanned skin, giving his frame a shining hue in the light that seeped through the classroom windows.

The steady whirling of the fan above as it sliced the air put him in a lazy trance. He was only partially aware of a monotonous voice droning on about the Great Depression at the front of the room. He could even hear the tick of the archaic wall clock if he sought it out. Arthur could swear that time moved slower between the time of 2:17 and 3:05 pm in the wormhole that was Mr. Hernandez sixth period U.S. History. He had half a mind to contact the Smithsonian Institute or Nova to investigate this phenomenon. He sighed and shifted in his seat as the class flipped to the next page in a muffled rustle of paper.

 Arthur glanced around him, content in finding that his piers looked as much the mindless zombie as he felt. He propped his head up on his hand and his attention was caught by a pair of heavily mascara blue eyes. What was her name? Sarah? Sandra? Sophie? That was it. Sophia Sidhe: cookie cutter cheerleader. Blonde, flirtatious and preppy (and easy). Arthur cocked an eyebrow at her and flashed an award-winning smile (no, seriously, he wins the title every year for 'best smile'). She fluttered her eyelashes and giggled. She tore out a page from her note book and scribbled something on it, folded it four times and passed it back to Owen, who passed it to Lance who passed it to Leon who dropped it on his desk. He smirked as he unfolded the paper and entered the seven digits into his phone under his desk. The day was beginning to look a little better. He reclined back, his plastic chair moaning in protest. It was a good day to be Arthur Pendragon.


Shit! the raven-haired boy cursed as he ran up the green towards Camelot High School. He chanted the word as he gasped for breath because, honestly, his day was deserving of it.

It was most definitely not a good day to be Merlin Emrys.

He had awaken at 6:30 that morning in Eldor somehow managed to kiss his mom goodbye, eat a light breakfast (that he more than nearly choked on), and drag three bags to the bus stop and manages to make the 6:45 south. He then had to play musical buses for four hours, managing to piss off not only ten separate bus drivers, but also two pregnant women, a bicyclist, a group of die-hard football fans (he feared for his life for forty-five minutes), what he was pretty sure was a Viking in street clothes, a rather insane homeless man, and a very odd man named Dorian Charles Worthington III. And he managed to do so with only saying a couple dozen words. After he had arrived at his Uncle (whom he had never met before the day) Gaius house he had let slip his most safely guarded secret. When he saw the old mans foot slip on the ladder, all Merlin could do was react. No sooner had he willed the couch to cushion his Uncles fall that he was cowering in a corner under the wrath of his  scolding (which it turned out he was quite good at). His Uncle had thanked him graciously, but warned him that the views on psychic powers in Camelot were unyielding and vicious whereas in Eldor it was mostly ignored and never taken action upon.

On top of everything else, he had managed to be an hour late for a meeting with his new councilor regarding his transfer to Camelot High--which leads to Merlin Emrys' bad day stumbling up the steps and barreling through the front doors of Camelot High and knocking both Arthur Pendragon and his Good Day to the freshly waxed hallway floor. Merlin groaned and tried to push himself up, but the floor was uneven and warm and solid and moving--his eyes flew open and a red patch of blush seeped out from the neckline of his crew-cut and began a conquest to his cheeks. He scrambled to his feet and offered a hand to the young man he knocked down. He was blond and as well muscled as any active athlete and his blue eyes were dark beneath furrowed brows.

He was pissed.

Great, thought Merlin, another one to add to the list. True to his assumptions, the blonde knocked away Merlin's hand and rose to his full height, chest heaving as he fumed.

"You stupid idiot!" the blonde shouted in his face.

Merlin sighed, unfazed, "No, my names Merlin actually," he attempted a pleasant tone and found it very difficult to pull off, "sorry about that."

"Sorry? Sorry? That's all you have to say? I can't believe--"

"That your such a giant prick?" Merlin cut in, "I know, its a wonder how your ego can fit in this room." Merlin watched amused as the larger boy turned an interesting shade of red.

"You cannot speak to me like that!"

"Well, I kind of just did," Merlin glanced at his watch, "look--I don't have time for this. Bye." Merlin ran off and was gone around the corner, resuming his chant and leaving the stunned blonde to gape like a fish in his wake.


A/N: Yeah--that's all I have so far. Working on chapter 2 now, I don't know how far this will go. I work faster when people bug me and give me feed back :) hahaha! Keep a look out for grammar/spelling for me? I love you all!!
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